Set Custom Text Tone On Oppo Reno 5G [Complete Hack]

If you want to know how to set custom text on Oppo Reno 5G to increase your OPPO experience, it is possible to assign a ringtone to a specific contact number or a group contact on your device. Well, the tutorial to do this is easy. Here is to get more information about setting the custom text on this device.

The first thing to do is to find notification on your device. Start by pressing the message icon. Or, you can find notifications by pressing the menu icon. Another way to find notification is by pressing Settings. Or, find notifications by pressing General. After that, in the General Settings, you can open notifications.


The next thing to do is to turn on the message notification. Simply, press the indicator allow notifications and turn it on to enable the function. Go back to the home screen simply by pressing the home key of your device. Now, you can choose and set custom text tone on Oppo Reno 5G.

Slide downwards using two fingers, starting from the top of the screen. After that, you can choose message tone and then press the settings icon. Choose message tone and then press sound & vibration. The next step is to choose a message tone and then press the default notification sound. Once you have selected the message tone, you can press the required tone to hear it.

The next thing is to select the message tone and once you have found a message tone, you can press the Return key. Go back to the home screen, and to do so is to press the home key to go back to the home screen.

Complete Guideline to Assign A Ringtone To A Contact

Here are some steps on how to assign a ringtone to a contact on Oppo Reno 5G. First, you need to open Contacts. After that, tap on the contact that you would like to assign a ringtone. To continue the step, tap on Edit and choose RingtoneThe next thing to do is to check Ringtone Settings and then choose the ringtone that you want.

Custom A Ringtone To A Contact Group

When you want to set custom text tone on Oppo Reno 5G to a contact group, it is important to note that the contacts in the group will have that ringtone you have customized. First, you have to open Contacts and choose My Groups. After that, you can tap on the group that you want to customize the new ringtone.

To continue the next step, tap on the Ringtone with the bell icon, at the bottom and then choose the ringtone you want for the group.

That is all the complete information about how to set custom text tone on Oppo Reno 5G. You can follow the tutorial here to customize the text tone for your needs. If you experience any trouble trying the tutorial above, you can leave your comment below this post. Now, you can even use your favorite music as a ringtone.

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